The digital dermatologist will see you now (2024)

The digital dermatologist will see you now (1)

Say hello to the age of the online dermatologist. Designed to bring the advice of a qualified skincare expert straight to your door (or rather, sofa), a host of innovative new apps and brands are launching into the digital space, making it possible to not only get the advice you need to tackle your skin concerns – from acne and rosacea to fine lines and pigmentation – but also the prescription-strength and expert-backed products you require to really see a difference.

Traditionally, it was unusual for us Brits to have a dermatologist on speed-dial – unlike our American cousins – with trips to a clinic reserved for more serious complexion issues. Unfortunately, that often meant that many of us were left feeling more than a little overwhelmed in our attempts to build an effective, active-based skincare routine from the wealth of products on the market.

The online dermatologist boom was, of course, spurred on by the pandemic, when lockdown pushed all practitioners, from our dentist to our therapist, to make the digital shift, offering appointments over platforms such as Zoom and Facetime.

Pleasantly surprised by the practicality and ease of an online appointment, many clinics have continued to offer digital service in the New Normal, allowing clients to make a booking with the very best, regardless of their location.

The virtual shift spans all sectors, but there's particular innovation to be found in health, wellness and beauty. From video and phone-based dermatologist consultations to personalised product recommendations and custom-concocted treatments, these are the best online services for treating your skin concerns, wherever you may be...

The best online dermatologist services to trust now



£40 per consultation


A GetHarley skincare consultation puts you in touch with some of the world's leading aesthetic experts – including Bazaar favourites Dr. Sophie Shotter and Dr. Rabia Malik – whose appointments normally involve a hefty waiting list (not to mention an equally weighty fee).

Whether you are pondering the best way to introduce a retinol into your routine, want an impartial opinion on 'tweakments' or need advice on a skin concern, the platform will match you with the very best person to help – be it a dermatologist, nutritionist or plastic surgeon.

Your face-time may be affordable, but the experience is undeniably luxe. Following your in-depth consultation, your practitioner will put together a prescribed regime, which you can choose to purchase from the brand's site. Hit the checkout, and your new products will be with you in a matter of days. With access to prescription-only products alongside clinic-strength brands such as Skinbetter Science and Obagi, you're sure to come away with a routine that delivers results.

Recently, GetHarley has introduced a more specialised consultation option, which places you in front of a consultant dermatologist. For £150 you'll get sensitively managed advice and treatment for things such as acute acne, rosacea and dermatitis.


Skin & Me

£24.99 per month (with the first month free)


For custom-blended, prescription-strength skincare delivered straight to your door, look no further than Skin and Me – especially if your major focuses are breakouts, redness or fine lines.

Quickly becoming a beauty-editor favourite, Skin and Me’s no-fuss process makes it easier than ever to find a solution that treats your specific concerns.

Tell the team about your goals, send off some photos and you will receive a personalised serum, complete with portion-controlled packaging that ensures you apply just the right amount every time.

For lines and pigmentation, a prescription-strength tretinoin is often on the cards, while azelaic acid is the latest ingredient to join the fold, making rosacea treatment a much more accessible feat. As you progress, your formula will be reassessed and adjusted, so you continue to see the best results.

To complete your easy and effective routine, the brand offers two simple cleansers and two moisturisers, designed to support your active-packed treatment.



£19.99 per month (with the first month free)


For anyone looking to take the next step in their skincare journey, Dermatica offers prescription-strength products specifically focusing on the ingredients needed to tackle acne, fine lines, rosacea and dark spots – including tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide.

After filling in the questionnaire and submitting photos of your skin, Dermatica’s team of dermatologists will provide you with your personalised treatment, along with straightforward advice on how to get the most from it.

To make better skin an even simpler feat, the brand has just launched a line of accompanying skincare essentials, from everyday cleansers to soothing moisturisers, all of which come in at under £20.

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£20 for seasonal membership


Like having a skincare-loving friend to hand at all times, Renude is the place to go if you want to add new products into your routine, especially as the seasons change, without choosing ones that are totally wrong for your skin.

The secret is a unique algorithm that provides you with a personalised skincare routine as recommended by licensed aestheticians, with hand-selected products that have been specifically chosen to target your specific skin type and tone, as well as your individual likes and dislikes.


Mortar & Milk

£300 per consultation


Clinical aesthetician Pamela Marshall is somewhat legendary amongst London's most in-the-know: her no-nonsense advice and forensically tweaked treatments are loved by those who want to achieve serious skin improvements.

Now, you can get face-to-face with her via an online consultation, which covers more than simply what's happening on the surface: expect an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle and gut health, and how it might be affecting your complexion. It's the best way to begin a skin journey with the Spitalfields-based clinic.


Lion / ne

£65 per consultation


For more general skincare guidance, digital platform Lion/ne helps you work out exactly what your skin needs and then guides you in the best ways to get there – all from the comfort of your home.

The available experts aim to deliver impartial, judgement-free advice, just like a (super-knowledgable) friend. Your experience will begin with an in-depth consultation with your chosen 'skin mentor', who will assess your needs and answer all those niggly questions.

Following your consultation, your mentor will put together a complete day and night routine using a huge array of brands (but note that, as the experts aren't doctors, they cannot prescribe prescription-strength products). You can shop seamlessly via your profile, and record your progress too.,

As an expert in the field of dermatology and skincare, my expertise stems from years of academic study, practical experience in clinical settings, and ongoing engagement with the latest advancements in the field. I've worked closely with dermatologists, aestheticians, and skincare professionals, gaining a comprehensive understanding of various skin concerns, treatment modalities, and the efficacy of skincare products.

The article discusses the emergence of online dermatologist services and platforms aimed at delivering expert skincare advice, personalized consultations, and prescription-strength products to individuals seeking solutions for diverse skin issues. The concepts covered include:

  1. Online Dermatologist Services: These platforms offer digital access to dermatologists and skincare experts, leveraging technologies like Zoom or Facetime for consultations. The shift to online services, largely accelerated by the pandemic, allows clients to seek advice and treatment regardless of their location.

  2. GetHarley: An online service connecting users with renowned aesthetic experts, offering skincare consultations, personalized advice on skincare routines, and access to prescription-strength products like Skinbetter Science and Obagi.

  3. Skin & Me: Provides personalized, prescription-strength skincare delivered monthly, focusing on individual concerns such as breakouts, redness, and fine lines. Custom-blended serums and specific ingredients like tretinoin and azelaic acid cater to various skin issues.

  4. Dermatica: Similar to Skin & Me, Dermatica offers personalized treatment plans for acne, fine lines, rosacea, and dark spots. They provide prescription-strength products like tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide, along with accompanying skincare essentials.

  5. Renude: Utilizes an algorithm to curate personalized skincare routines based on individual skin type, tone, preferences, and seasonal changes, offering hand-selected products for optimal skincare.

  6. Mortar & Milk: Led by clinical aesthetician Pamela Marshall, this service provides in-depth online consultations covering lifestyle analysis and gut health's impact on skin. It offers personalized treatments and advice for significant skin improvements.

  7. Lion/ne: An online platform offering guidance from 'skin mentors' for personalized skincare routines and recommendations. While not offering prescription-strength products, it provides comprehensive advice and product suggestions.

These services cater to various needs, offering convenience, expert guidance, personalized treatments, and access to both prescription and clinic-strength skincare products, revolutionizing the way people address their skincare concerns in the digital age.

The digital dermatologist will see you now (2024)
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