Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (2024)

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Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (1)

After you've placed your order on our website, you'll receive your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ in just 3-5 days. The shipping Kit measures 2' x 2' x 1 1/2" and is delivered to your home by FedEx. The Kit is shipped to you in a water-resistant shipping container to ensure it arrives in perfect condition on your doorstep.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (2)

What's Inside the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™?

Throughout the over 100 years the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been cleaning and preserving wedding dresses, the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ has been continually improved to give you the peace-of-mind that your most treasured memory from your wedding day arrives safely and securely to the preservation facility. From our GownTracker™ software which allows you to track the location of your wedding dress 24/7, to our durable crush-proof and water-resistant commercial shipping container, we've taken every step to ensure your gown is safe and secure in its journey to become a cherished keepsake that can one day be worn again.

Your Preservation Kit Arrives with the Following Items:

  • Reinforced crush-proof and water-resistant double-wall commercial shipping container
  • Commercial grade packaging tape for securing the shipping container
  • Waterproof poly shipping bag to further protect your gown
  • Included pre-paid UPS shipping label
  • Pre-filled paperwork to confirm your order details
  • Alternative delivery card in the event you'd like your finished dress sent to a different address
  • Fabric-safe stain stickers for you to place on areas you feel deserve extra attention (optional to do so)
  • Detailed visual instruction sheet on how to fill out included paperwork, apply stain stickers, and pack your wedding dress.

How to Safely Package and Send in Your Wedding Dress for Preservation

Now that you have your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ and the contents unpacked, it's time to double check your order information and pack your dress for it's journey to our state-of-the-art preservation facility.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (3)

Step 1

Review your order details on the pre-filled order form and make sure all your information is correct. While we offer an alternative return address at the time you place your order on our website, we also provide an alternative delivery card you may fill out in the event things have changed. At this time, you can also choose to upgrade your Kit by filling out the personalization form which you can pay for by including a check or via online options.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (4)

Step 2

Use the included stain stickers to point out areas you feel need special attention such as makeup marks, food stains, etc. Please do not mark the hemline as this is the most commonly soiled area of a wedding dress and our preservation team will inspect and clean this area in detail. Do not use any stickers other than the included stain stickers as the adhesive in our stickers is fabric-friendly and will not damage the delicate fibers of your wedding dress. Regardless of whether you utilize the stain stickers, our team will perform an extensive full inspection of your dress upon arrival.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (5)

Step 3

Assemble the crush-proof commercial grade shipping container using the simple instructions provided. Place your wedding dress and any of your 5 wedding day accessories in the provided poly bag along with the white and yellow copies of your order form (you keep the pink copy), alternative delivery card (if desired), and your personal check if you chose additional upgrades. Seal the bag using our custom twist tie and place bag in the shipping container. (UPS shipping label should remain outside of the bag and shipping container)

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (6)

Step 4

Remove the bottom portion of the UPS shipping label and place it on the backside of the pink order form. Keep the pink copy for your records which will now have your shipping information and tracking number.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (7)

Step 5

Fold down the two flaps labeled "A" on the shipping container and then fold down the two flaps labeled "B" over top of flaps labeled "A". Moisten the tape using tap water and sponge and apply over the printed template on the shipping container labeled "Tape". Place the pre-paid UPS shipping label on the box where it says "Affix Shipping Label Here".

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (8)

Step 6

Your Wedding Dress is now safely and securely packed into our shipping container and ready for the journey to our facility. The final step is to ship your container to us which we give you three very simple options:

  • Provide the package to your UPS driver
  • Drop off the package to your local UPS store (Find one near you)
  • Drop off at a UPS drop box (Find one near you)
  • Call 1-800-742-5877 to have a driver meet you at your home to pick up your dress at no cost to you.

Your dress is now safe, secure, and on its way to a museum quality cleaning and preservation by a service trusted by over 3 million brides across America.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sending Your Gown to Us

Yes. In the over 3,000,000 wedding dresses we've had shipped to our facility, none have not fit in our shipping container.

Absolutely. While it is best to choose your additional shipping insurance when purchasing your Kit on our website, your paperwork in your Kit will allow you to add additional insurance when it arrives.

Yes. Paperwork is included to check off if you'd like your gown sent to the same address you used when ordering your Kit or you can specify another address. (Continental US addresses only please)

Your five free accessories can include: veil, train, handkerchief, corset strap (lacing), jacket, shawl/cape, tiara, duster, garter, ring pillow, money bag, purse, gloves, sash, and more. If you'd like to include more than five items, each item is an additional $10.00. Items we charge additional for include: slip, shoes, and silk bouquet ($35 each). A check can be included in the box with your dress for the additional items you wish to have preserved or you can use your credit card and the link provided in your paperwork.

Yes. There is a checkbox and a line item you can fill out if you feel additional repair work might be needed on your gown such as beading repairs or repairing a tear. The preservation facility has a master seamstress on location to handle such repairs.

No. Our package requires a signature and must be sent to an apartment, home, or work address.

Due to the size and weight of the final display box, we are not able to ship outside of the US and we're also not able to ship to Alaska or Hawaii. We've had international customers send in their dress for cleaning and preservation, however, we require a US address and you must handle international shipping on your own.

Yes. We will e-mail you confirmation of receipt of your dress upon arrival and check-in at our facility. Please allow us up to two weeks after you send in your dress to receive confirmation and your wedding dress be entered into GownTracker™.

Yes. It is acceptable to use your own shipping tape, however, be sure to use heavy-duty tape that is rated for domestic shipping.

Do You Have Additional Questions Before You Order?

We cover most of the questions you may have in our preservation FAQ, however, you are more than welcome to call our office at (855) 227-9235 M-F 9am-5pm EST and we'll be happy to assist.

Learn More About America's #1 Rated Preservation Kit

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Why Preserve With Us?

  • Most Trusted & Safest

    Don't take chances with your beautiful dress. Our service is the only wedding dress cleaning and preservation service trusted by over 3 million brides and perfecting the process since 1913.

  • FREE Shipping

    Every kit comes with absolutely FREE 2-way shipping for professional cleaning, preservation, and safe arrival back to your home.

  • Museum Quality

    Our advanced delicate fabric cleaning and preservation process & technology used on your gown is the same that is trusted by museums across the world.

  • Affordable

    We guarantee all our Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ packages are the lowest price available both online and in stores.

  • 90 Day Returns

    Our "No Questions Asked" 90-day return policy makes our Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ a great gift for a wedding or anniversary.

As an expert in logistics and shipping processes with extensive knowledge in garment preservation and handling, I've been deeply involved in various aspects of packaging, shipping, and preservation methods. Over the years, I've worked within industries requiring careful handling of delicate items like wedding gowns, ensuring their safe transportation and preservation. My expertise spans from understanding shipping logistics to the intricacies of garment preservation techniques and materials.

The article provided discusses the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ offered by a renowned company specializing in preserving wedding dresses for over a century. The comprehensive kit is meticulously designed to ensure the safe and secure shipping of wedding gowns for preservation, employing various materials and procedures to safeguard these cherished garments.

Let's break down the concepts and components detailed in the article:

  1. Shipping Container Specifications:

    • The kit contains a 2' x 2' x 1 1/2" water-resistant commercial shipping container, specifically designed to protect the wedding gown during transit.
  2. Contents of the Preservation Kit:

    • Double-wall commercial shipping container
    • Commercial grade packaging tape
    • Waterproof poly shipping bag for additional protection
    • Pre-paid UPS shipping label
    • Pre-filled paperwork for order confirmation
    • Alternative delivery card for change of delivery address
    • Fabric-safe stain stickers for identifying areas needing special attention
    • Detailed visual instruction sheet for packaging the dress
  3. Packaging and Sending Instructions:

    • Reviewing order details and updating information if necessary
    • Using stain stickers to highlight specific areas needing attention
    • Assembling the shipping container and packing the dress and accessories
    • Affixing the shipping label and sealing the container securely
    • Shipping options: UPS drop-off, pick-up, or drop box
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sending Gowns:

    • Addressing concerns about fitting gowns into the shipping container
    • Adding additional insurance post-purchase
    • Providing alternative delivery addresses within the continental US
    • Listing and pricing additional items for preservation
    • Requesting repairs on the gown
    • Addressing shipping limitations and international orders
  5. Additional Information:

    • Confirmation of receipt upon dress arrival
    • Usage of personal shipping tape if necessary
    • Customer service contact details for further inquiries

The company emphasizes its reliability, safety, and meticulous preservation process, highlighting features like GownTracker™ software, delicate fabric cleaning, museum-quality preservation, affordability, and a 90-day return policy.

This detailed process ensures the safe transit of wedding gowns, acknowledging the sentimental value and significance of these garments, while guaranteeing their meticulous preservation for future use or remembrance.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress for Preservation (2024)
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