How to plan a simple wedding (2024)

There are so many ways you can get caught up in minute details when planning your wedding. But, going back to basics and aiming for a simple wedding doesn’t mean you will end up with something bland and forgettable. Quite the opposite!

Planning a simple wedding means you can focus on a few main details and do them extremely well. No fiddly bits, no unnecessary expenses, and less stress.

Doesn’t that sound like the ideal outcome? There are a few simple steps you can take to adapt the wedding planning process so that you can aim for something more simple.

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Think about the size and budget

The guest list is always a bit of a tricky one, but know having a simple wedding doesn’t mean it has to be a small one. In fact, simple weddings can allow you to open up the wedding to more people as you will be paying a little less overall by cutting out all of the bells and whistles.

A huge part of a simple wedding that reduces stress is to spend within your means (or your hosts if you are lucky enough to have parents or others who are able to help you out). You don’t want to start your married life in debt!

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Be inspired, but not led

There can be a real Keeping up with the Kardashians thing going on in the realm of weddings, but unless you have $10 million to spend, it’s not even worth trying. Absolutely be inspired by other weddings you see, but focus on borrowing ideas on one or two key elements that will enhance your wedding day, rather than adding them in there just because.

The aim of your wedding is not to impress people, it is to create an event where your friends and family can celebrate the love between you and your partner – everything else is secondary. Pick a handful of things to splurge on – it could be the venue, an award-winning photographer, or a feast that you know will satisfy everyone.

Boot the extras

You have a delicious wedding cake, so do you really need the dessert table? You have wine and beer for people to drink at the reception, so do you really need a signature drink? Sure, these things can be a bit of fun, but they fly in the face of creating a simple wedding.

Be picky

Looking at a host of venue and location options will give you a feel for how much or how little needs to be done with a potential ceremony or reception venue to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

When you find the perfect fit, you will not have to spend much at all on decor or other aesthetic elements as the architecture of the venue or the natural beauty of the location will already suit what you need.

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Find a venue that can wear multiple hats

While you are looking for the venue or location that embodies the theme or styling you had in mind for your wedding, also consider whether you can hold both your ceremony and reception in that same location.

This will save you the hassle of finding a way to transport guests from A to B (and back again if their cars are at point A) plus you won’t be paying two lots of venue hire fees and other expenses.

Think outside the box

You are a unique couple and your wedding should be a reflecting of the two of you and your relationship, so you don’t have to follow what is on trend if you have always been trend disruptors (or ignorers…).

Be sure to meet the expectations wedding guests secretly have, like being entertained, fed and watered, but other than that the way in which your day unfolds is completely up to you.


While gowns created by some of the country’s talented designers will no doubt make a statement on your wedding day, if your attire is not something you want to splurge on, there are always simple alternatives that you can turn to that will still look stunning in photos and be a little lighter on the hip pocket.

For the guys, don’t underestimate how easy it is to dress up a nice pair of simple black pants with a funky shirt and tie – there’s no need for the vests and tails if you are going for a more simple look.

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Wedding coordinator

If your definition of simple is more task-related than financial, enlisting the help of a professional wedding coordinator will be a lifesaver for you. There are some simple tips to find the right wedding planner for you. The number one tip is to find someone you can trust and have a good rapport with.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

If a wedding planner is not in your budget, don’t underestimate the willingness of your friends and family to help you out. There are so many small tasks that need to be done that you can easily delegate to those who are willing. It will help them feel more connected with your wedding and will also lighten your burden.

Look at what you can easily DIY

If a simple wedding for you means buying less and creating more, set aside more time (and call on those helpers) to help you with little DIY projects. You could buy invitation supplies and then make them at home, or have a jam-making party to create jars of jam that will double as the bomboniere.

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What are you waiting for? Let’s get planning your dream wedding!

How to plan a simple wedding (2024)
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